Boycott Marriott Hotels

Dec 7, 2017

I do hereby issue a call to the Sedona community and the entire state of Arizona to BOYCOTT the Marriott chain of hotels.  This hotel is engaged in racist, bigoted, biased and highly discriminatory employment hiring practices.  To deny employment to any person due to hair and/or beard length is to judge an individual on physical appearance alone- which says absolutely nothing about one’s ability to perform any specific job within this or any other company or business.   What’s next? Are we going to deny employment to women based on their breast size? When does the insanity ever end? This kind of bigoted, racist, discrimination belongs in the dust bin of human history and has NO PLACE in today’s highly diverse and multicultural society.

There was once a time when women were denied the right to vote and were considered 2nd class citizens. That madness has, fortunately, been largely overcome.  There was once a time when African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans were purposely discriminated against  because of their language, culture and/or skin color.  That madness has been largely overcome, although much more work needs to be done inthe area of race relations still in America.

Thus said, its time to craft local, state and federal law and legistlation to outlaw the discrimination of any American citizen due simply to physical appearance.  Sedona and the entire business community in the state of Arizona needs to EVOLVE in consciousness and intelligence and LEARN to accept citizens as they are and not what they want them to be.

Today, we live in a highly diverse and multicultural society.  No-one should be discriminated against because of their culture, religious affiliation, hair/beard length, breast size, disability, skin color, political affiliation, language or economic status.  Racism, bigotry and discrimination of any American citizen in our state needs to be criminalized and outlawed, permanently.  Its high time to bring equality and a level playing field to ALL members of our community in our great state.  Everyone is entitled to a decent standard of living, gainful employment and economic advancement irregardless of their physical appearance.  We must learn to embrace and celebrate our diversity and uniqueness in society- for this is what makes us a strong and free people.

Until hotel chains like Marriott (and others) learn to accept and embrace our wonderful diversity here in Sedona, in Arizona and in America at large, there is, unfortunately, no other option than to BOYCOTT their hotels and deny them business.  Hotel chains like Marriott need to learn to get in line with the highest values and aspirations of our wonderfully unique multicultural society here in America.  If they refuse to comply, then its time to remove them from our community.  Boycotting their businesses is one of the most effective ways of ending their racist, bigoted, discriminatory hiring and employment practices.  (It seems they have no problem, though, hiring right wing, red-neck, devil/death skull tatooed, ear and nose pierced, north korean style crew-cut donning recruits out of the #1 Terrorist institution on Earth: the US Military).  Business communities in every town, city, municipality and county in Arizona can, instead, bring in and approve of businesses that respect and uphold citizens rights to be free of any form of physical, cultural and/or religious discrimination.  This is the power that WE THE PEOPLE have to change and evolve our society for the better.

Irregardless, I stand persecuted and discriminated against (because of my beard and hair length) with this man and his associates- who, if he entered and preached in most of today’s churches in America, would be arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated for simply stating that we are to love our Creator and love one another (as he loved us):

(note the long hair and beard)

Till Judgement Day, I remain,

JTP, Sedona, Arizona, USA


CC: Arizona local, state and federal officials, administrators, agencies and media affiliates.




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