Hillary Rodham Clinton is the real president of the united states

nov 12, 2016
“if we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up exactly
where we are headed”  – chinese proverb
hillary rodham clinton is the real president of the united states.
she won the popular vote, much like al gore did back in the 2000
election.  in most nations throughout the world, winning the popular vote
automatically makes one the victor in any general election.
the us presidential election has been stolen.
as the presidency of al gore was stolen back in 2000,
so now too has the presidency of hillary clinton been stolen
from the american people again.
by its very nature, the current “delegate”
system of independently appointing presidents
is a deliberate theft of the vote of the american people.
president elect hillary rodham clinton needs to walk
into the white house escorted by all 5 branches
of the us military and proclaim her victory as the
true and duely elected president of the united states of america.
steven craig jones
santa cruz, califirnia