The Coming Judgement Upon the World



The Coming Judgement Upon the World

Sept 25, 2014
Humanity is plunging over the cliff at warp speed in 2014…

The world is run by a bunch of sick, sadistic, evil, wicked JEWISH psychopaths who
are hell-bent on destroying all life on Earth, including themselves and they world they inhabit.

They are clinically INSANE, completely OUT OF CONTROL, insidiously evil, lawless and
quite ruthless in their ways.

The small cabal of International JEWISH (Rothschild) Bankers, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK, serve the current “god” of this world: Lucifer.  The crimes, deaths, murders,
sufferings and genocides they have committed, and will continue to commit, are so extensive,
so numerous, so great and so profound that they cannot even be properly documented in any
earthly format or record.  Only an accounting from On High can document the sum of their transgressions-

On their immediate agenda is the fomentation of World War 3 in the middle east- which will kill billions of people and a global depopulation program of mass extermination consisting primarily of the release of lab produced bio-weapons and the instigation of global pandemics.

Other ongoing eugenics programs include continued chronic and purposeful underdevelopment policies in the developing world that
have, and will continue, to destroy the lives of tens of millions around the world every year, the pollution and toxification of our food and water with GMO crops, radiation and fluoridation, and,
of course, unending warfare.

However, their prime objective is to set up a world government on Earth that they and their demonic overlords above intend to rule and reign over.

Instead of funding, promoting and building a survivable/sustainable Green World Order for Mankind,
they have instead funded and built a a sprawling military-industrial-intelligence-surveillance-security complex ( a global 4th Reich) through which they will use advances in biometric computer technology to control and enslave the masses with in what is referred to in revelational scripture as the dreaded, “mark of the beast”.

Because of this misappropriation, the planet has recently crossed the “tipping point” with regards to runaway global climate change, which now has humanity “locked-in” to a 5-10 degree fahrenheit increase by 2100.  This will prove to be absolutely catastrophic for all life on Earth in the years to come, a fact the Jewish Rothschild Empire and their demonic overlords and minions above are well aware of.

As such, 2014 (Hebrew year 5774) is the “stargate” year through which the human species will formally and irretrievably lose its future and begin to plunge over the cliff and into the abyss of eventual and complete planetary extinction.  This is the point (and year) of no return, the threshold of assured civilizational and planetary termination in grand evolutionary terms.  Hebrew year 5774 is also, coincidentally, the year that Jewish Rothschild funded ISIS organization- in the middle east- destroyed the tomb of Jonah in Mosul, Iraq, thereby eternally sealing their own fate in Hell for the rest of eternity.

With the soon passing of Hebrew year 5774, so shall this statement be my last communique to this most evil, wicked and adulterous generation, warning of the tribulation and global destruction that is now sure to soon transpire upon the Earth.

***To the holy remnant scattered abroad: Fear not physical death, for they can only kill the flesh.
The spirit is immortal and will survive the coming tribulation.

***To the wicked of this world: In a word, you’re going down, big time and bad.  To eternal Hell-Fire
you will ALL be cast at the Judgement- a most fitting recompense for the crimes you have all willfully and maliciously committed.

The Coming Judgement of God Upon this World, of both flesh and spirit, is all that’s left now.

All has been lost, yet all has been gained.  For Jesus Christ is coming back in FLAMING FIRE
to put an utter and complete END to the madness, evil and insanity of this fallen world.

Come quickly LORD Jesus Christ- may you BURN and EXTERMINATE the Wicked from off the face of this planet for all time!!!

Selah, Amen, Inshallah,

Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant of the Most High God
High Rockies of Colorado




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