The END of the USA

July 27 2014

Dear Editor:

Well, word through the grapevine predicts that the United States
of America will be terminated as a nation state by 2017. The nation is 18
trillion dollars in debt and is already falling fast with regards to losing
precious freedoms and liberties. Fall all intents and purposes, the
USA is now a bankrupt, dictatorial, east german style fascist police state.
The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) recently
signed an agreement in Brazil in mid-July 2014 to set up an alternative
global financial system to not only challenge, but to replace, the current
failing global financial system dominated by the West, US military supremacy
and a global economic system based on the environmentally destructive
petrodollar. This will include a new World Bank, a new IMF (international
monetary fund), new international development agencies etc…
The BRICS nations are joined by another 105 nations in the world-
out of a total of 189. This new global political, economic and social bloc
consists of 2 of the most populous nations on Earth: India and China,
both with well over a billion people each. China, already a global economic
power in its own right, is soon slated to take the mantle of being the
leading economic powerhouse in the years to come. Plans are to merge
the USA, Canada and Mexico into a North American Union (NAU), with
Denver, Colorado acting as its regional administrative capital. Along with
an end to national sovereignty, plans are to create a new silver or gold
backed currency- the “Amero”- billions of which have already been printed up
and are ready for circulation once the US dollar collapses and the USA is
formally terminated.


Nate Quigley
Denver, Colorado


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